“Curiosity killed the toy, but satisfaction brought it back.”

As a kid I always got into trouble by breaking every toy I had to satisfy the sheer curiosity of knowing how exactly it worked. Looking back now, I realize that this curious nature eventually led me to become a robotics researcher with an experienced mind for systems thinking, and seasoned in system integration of complex software and hardware systems.

I enjoy transforming novel ideas into elegant technical solutions. As a Roboticist, I strive to be a specialized generalist with persistent commitment to pick up new knowledge and skills as needed. Over the last six years I gained a significant hands-on experience on several robotic platforms, both in simulation and real hardware, ranging from manipulators, mobile robots to humanoids.

My doctoral research addresses some of the open challenges to enabling effective human-robot collaboration (HRC). In particular, I worked on integrated modeling of agents engaged in HRC, followed by mathematically defining an exploitative interaction between the agents, and developed adaptive robot controllers to meaningfully engage in a collaborative task. Over the course of this research period, I gained deeper insight into the prominent role of a human partner, in particular towards the future socio-technical workforce that needs to meet the rapid demands of emerging industrial/economic models.

In my current role as a Postdoctoral researcher at the Dynamic Interaction Control group, I focus my efforts on developing the software infrastructure of a spin-off idea iFeel, which is a wearable technology suite that aims at providing actionable insights into process optimization in order to minimize the risk of human musculoskeletal disorders, and facilitate seamless integration of robot partners to support human partners. Additionally, I continue to provide support to research and development of new robot controllers aimed at HRC. Our team, iCub, is a one of the selected teams for ANA Avatar Xprize and I serve as a technical lead for human perception pipeline to enable teleoperation of a humanoid platform.

I cherish being part of a cohesive team that inspires me to perform at my best, and make my contribution count. Starting from an international double degree master’s to consistent engagement in several European projects involving peers from academia and industry, the experiences of diversity in culture and thought helped me to expand my world view. From being awarded an Early Stage Researcher grant to winning a best student paper award, I attribute my success to the generous mentorship I received at different stages of life, and it made me realize the undervalued role of kindness in achieving greatness.

Apart from tech tinkering, on a typical weekend, you can find me on a hiking trial with a camera in hand. I grew fond of podcasts as means of mind expanding discussions on economics, startups, business and management. I enjoy reading nonfiction genre, in particular memoirs, self-improvement, and behavioral economics. Since 2018 I am a member of Global Shapers Genoa Hub.

Specialties - Robotics Middleware (ROS and YARP), Software Architecture, C++, Python, Matlab & Simulink, Gazebo, OpenCV, TensorFlow, Git/Github, ZenHub, Agile Software Development, CI, Latex, Linux, Nordic nRF52DK, Arduino/Adafruit, QtCreator, PyCharm, Segger, PlatformIO

Academics - Robot Kinematics & Dynamics, Control Theory, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Cyber-Physical Systems

Thanks for checking out my profile. If you think my experience and skills are relevant to potential opportunities of working together, please send me an invitation to connect on LinkedIn and let’s talk! I welcome feedback that can help me improve in anyway. So, feel free to drop me a message if you can give me any pointers to improve this summary.

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